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Blending doors fix – How to install Heater Treater

Blending doors issue is a very common problem in the 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Fixing it can be a hard work if you are trying to keep the 2 A/C areas (driver/passenger), in such a case, you will have to remove the dashboard in order to get to passenger climate control motor.

But, if you don’t mind having only one zone of climate, then the fix is very easy thanks to the “Heater Treater” kit.

(You can purchase the kit from ebay – click here)

Here, I will explain how to install it.


Philips screw driver

Dremel (or any other tool that can cut the plastic without breaking it, I used a Dremel soldering iron and cut it with heat).



Heater Treater kit.

Let’s start working…

  1. First, remove the gloves box door (see here how).
  2. Unscrew the motor bolts (2 Philips bolts)
  3. Carefully, pull the motor out remove its connector




4. Cut the plastic box as you can see in the picture below:

Be careful not to cut too much and hurt the evaporator core.

Remove the metal clip at the bottom, keep the plastic part you just took out


That is what you will see after cutting the box.


KEEP THE PART YOU JUST TOOK OUT, you will need it later

If the picture above you can see the inner plastic partition (in the middle of the evaporator core +- ), you should remove it (no need to save that partition, you won’t need it)

See the picture below how to cut it:

Using pliers, pull the while pivot out.



Now you can see both of the blending doors. carefully, take them out.

5. Locate the new blending doors, make sure that the end of the new pivot is on the inner pivot (the one of the inner blending door).

Turn it with your hand and verify that the doors goes up and down.

Make sure the white plastic part is in place (in the middle)


6. Use Epoxy glue to hold the metal ring on the motor ring (pay attention not to glue it to the black plastic housing)



7. install the motor in place, without installing the black plastic back so you’ll be able to see if it goes up and down while playing with the temp nob. Verify everything is working correctly.

The driver side nob is the one that will be active, passenger side one has no use from now on…

8. Put the black plastic part that you removed in the first step back in place, you can use some hot glue or epoxy to hold it in place, no need to put the Epoxy all over as I did.


9. Use the metal sticker that you received with the kit and seal the area of the cut you made.


10. Install the motor back in place, connect the electric connector and put the glove box back in place.



That is it, Enjoy your improved fixed A/C system 🙂

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