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DYI – 1 Din radio adapter for a Cherokee XJ

After almost 10 years with the XJ I thought it is the time to replace the original radio-tape (!) with a new modern system. I looked for a low budget radio/disc/MP3 player with USB and AUX inputs, I chose Kenwood KDC-3057URY.

As you probably know, the original radio is 1.5 dim system, so, I had to fit an adapter.
First, I bought one on eBay, waited 2 weeks (custom and stuff…) and when it finally arrived I found out that they sent the wrong part
Since they didn’t answer my email, I decided to create an adapter by myself.

As you can see in the images bellow, is it very simple task, all you have to do is measure the size of the rectangle and then drill the holes in the right places.

The rectangle size is 23×10.5 cm, I used a 8mm wood, but you may use other, as long as you keep the bolts in place.

Pay attention to support the new radio by adding some pieces of wood under it, that way, the weight of the radio won’t be on the 2 poor bolts alone…

The wood:


Adding some sponge on it to gain some depth:



Wrap it with leather:


The final look:


I didn’t write anything about the wiring as I ordered an adapter from eBay and used it as “plug and play” – no need to change any wire.

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