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How to check auto transmission fluid level – Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transmission fluid level should be checked at least every 10000km. Checking procedure is pretty simple but it is important  to follow it as described:

  1. Drive the Jeep and bring it to a normal working temperature.
  2. Keep the engine running (idling) for at least one minute before checking the level.
  3. Make sure the jeep stands straight on the ground level.
  4. Clean the dipstick area to avoid dirt from falling into the transmission
  5. While the engine is running and the transmission is in “N” (torque converter fills in both the P (PARK) and N (NEUTRAL))
  6. Pull the dipstick of the transmission and verify that the oil is in the upper range (between the 2 upper dots). If the fluid is cold, then it should be between the 2 lower dots.

If you have to add fluid, make sure it is ATF +4 (or Mopar fluid). Do not overfill it!

In the picture below you can see the transmission dipstick (circled):



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