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How to install Cabin Air Filter – Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you own a Grand Cherokee WJ, you probably wondered where is the Cabin Air filter, well, in most of the WJ’s I know, it doesn’t exist.

The good news are that it can be installed easily as Mopar manufactured a cabin air filter and a matching housing (which was offered an an option at the dealers back then, while it was new).

Anyway, mine didn’t have the filter and since I found out how dirty was the evaporator core while I fixed the blending doors issue I decided to order one.

I bought that Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Air Cabin Filter from eBay. It was shipped quickly and arrived in few days.

*** This guide refers to Grand Cherokee WJ 99-04 installation, but installing on the newer WK is similar.

Parts Needed:

Part # 82208300 – Mopar Cabin air filter

cabin-filter1 cabin-filter2


Tools needed:

T30 Torx screwdriver.

Installation time: less than 30 minutes.

Let’s start working:

  1. Open the hood and remove the rubber which hold the plastic lip:

CAbin air filter-before installation

2. Using a T30 screwdriver, remove the torx screws of the plastic (there are 6 bolts to remove, you can see the first 3 in the picture below), no need to remove the wipers:

Torx T30 - only tool needed

Cabin air filter-screws to be removed

3. Now you can see the A/C inlet. remove the plastic grill by pulling it out, there are 2 clips in the center of it that you should press in order to release. These clips might break during the release, try to hold the pieces from falling into the A/C …

old A/C inlet grill

4. Install the new housing that came with the kit, 2 plastic pins needed to hold it in place (they are part of the kit, do not worry 🙂 )

cabin air filter housing

5. Install the new air filter and the grill.

new filter in palce

cabin air filter installed

6. Install the torx screws and the rubber back in place, turn on the A/C and enjoy a cleaner air 🙂

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