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How to install JKS swaybar quicker disconnects – Grand Cherokee WJ

One of the greatest upgrades of the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Jeeps is the ability to disconnect the front swaybar and achieve great front wheels travel. The problem is that disconnecting the swaybar is dangerous while driving on road. JKS (as well as other know firms like Rubicon Express) developed a solution called “Quicker Disconnects”. Installing them is easy and the usage is  easy as well, all you have to do is remove the pins before going offroad.

Here are the instructions of how to install the JKS quicker disconnects, here is the WJ model, installing on XJ/ZJ is similar.

  1. First, remove the old swaybar extensions (on both sides), in the picture below, the lower end of the extension has already been released, now we have to remove the upper bolt.


2. Once the old extension is out, spread loctite on the screw and tight it while it so the pin will point outside (see in the picture below)

Keep in mind that you will have to remove the safety pin before going off-road so you need to have access to it. Place the pin with the hole for the safety pin down or to the front.


The pin points outside…


3. Now, we will mount the lower end.

Insert the metal sleev into the place that the extension was before (see picture), you may need to use a small hammer to do so.


4. Again, with facing out, spread loctite on the screw and tight the pin in place.


5. Fit the JKS extension length and install it in place using the 2 safety pins. Do not forget to tight the securing nut on the extension (the big silver nut in the picture).

The final length is different than in the pictures below, you should keep the swaybar in similar angle as it was before (in that case, few inches higher)




6. Grease the extensions and go out for a test drive.

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