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How to remove Grand Cherokee WJ 99-04 Door Panel

Removing the door panel of the Grand Cherokee WJ 99-04 is a easy task which allow you access to the mirror’s bolts, window and door lock mechanism.

You will need the following tools:

Flat screwdriver

Philips screwdriver

Torx screwdriver (T20)

The work itself is pretty easy:

  1. Using a small flat screwdriver, remove the plastic circle:


2. Behind the circle there is a Philips screw, remove it:


3. The second screw is visible, remove it:



4. The last screw is a Torx one, and it is right behind the door handle:


5. When the 3 bolts are out, you can carefully pull the panel so the plastic Panel Clip Trim Fasteners will be pulled out.

There are plastic fasteners around the panel, you should pull the panel carefully so they won’t break, it would be a good idea to purchase these fasteners and replace the broken ones (the WJ is pretty old now, so few of them are probably broken…)

Click here to buy there fasteners on eBay

Good luck…

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