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How to remove Grand Cherokee WJ overhead console

Some of the Grand Cherokee 99-04 are equipped with overhead console.

You can find the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC),  lights and sunroof switch.

If you have to replace one of the console’s bulbs or service the EVIC (or sunroof switch) then you will have to remove the overhead console.

Removing the console is pretty easy, all you have to do is remove the Philips screw (circled in the picture below) and then, using both of your hands, pull the console down, holding the console at the area of the arrows in the picture (there are clips holding it in place).


Now, you can see the bulbs and EVIC.

If you have to remove the EVIC (as I had to do), it is being held by 4 philips screws:


The problem with my EVIC was that the buttons didn’t work, so I opened the black box and used an electronic contacts cleaner spray to clean the 4 switches (circled in the picture below), installed it and everything is working again 🙂



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