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How to remove roof rack cross rails on Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

The Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (99-2004) factory roof rack is rated for 150lbs, but, there are only 2 cross rails and most of the off-roaders would like to change it to a custom roof rack that can hold a spare tire, water tank or just some other stuff that won’t fit into the crowded Jeep 🙂

The first step in fitting a new roof rack would usually be removing the factory cross rails. doing it is pretty simple, but, the plastic edges are sharp and you may want to wear gloves or find another way to protect your fingers of being cut…

If order to remove the factory cross rails, you will have to remove the edge of the rail (in the picture below, the rear one, it is the same for the front ones):

Jeep roof rack edge in place

Now, using a flat screwdriver, separate the cover from the rail itself (carefully push the screwdriver between the rail and the plastic cover, be careful not to break it)

removing the cover of the jeep roof rack

Using your fingers, pull the cover up and to the side, remove one side of the cover and then the second side of it (there are plastic clips inside the cover as you can see in the picture below, you should remove each side of it carefully so they won’t be broken)

Jeep roof rack plastic cover

Next, do the same to the other side’s cover, I removed both of the rear covers, I think it is more convenient to get the cross rails out of the back of the Jeep.

When both of the covers are out, move the factory rails back and get them out.

Push the plastic cover back to its place, starting with locating the rear end of it and then push the front of it till you’ll hear the “clicks”.

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