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How to replace a Cherokee’s fan clutch

After a while, 13 years in my case, I decided it is time to replace the Cherokee fan clutch.
I ordered a new one.
Here are the pictures of the original (on the left) and the new (on the right):




In order to replace it, all you have to do it release the 4 nuts (1/2″) connecting it to the fan pulley.
In order to do so, release one nut, then release the engine belt a little so you’ll be able to turn the pulley to the next nut, tighten the belt again, release the next nut and do that process for all of the 4 nuts.
Once the nuts are out, carefully remove the fan clutch with the fan itself, be careful not to damage anything on its way out.

Put the fan on a stable area (table/floor?) and release the 4 bolts holding the fan to the clutch.
Once you done, get the new fan clutch, locate the fan on it, use a loctite for the bolts and screw the bolts so they will hold the fan in place.

Now, carefully, put the fan and fan clutch back in place, use loctite for the nuts holding the fan clutch to its pulley.

Tighten the nuts, then tighten the engine belt.

Start the engine and verify that everything is in place and the engine doesn’t overheat.
That is all. pretty simple, isn’t it??

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