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How to replace Jeep Grand Cherokee 99-04 Clock Spring

In the following post I’ll show how to replace the “Clock Spring” of a Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (99-04).

In that post we replaced one of the 04 models, 99-01 work is similar although the part itself is different.

How to tell that your clock spring is not working?

First, your airbag light will be on.

Other controls that you have on the steering wheel may not work too – horn, audio system control, Cruise control, etc…

Required parts:

Well, a new Clock Spring would be a nice idea 🙂

for 99-01 Grand Cherokee WJ or that one

for 02-04 Grand Cherokee WJ


Philips screwdriver

8mm socket

21mm socket and wrench

Small flat screwdriver

Steering Wheel Puller (maybe something like that, on eBay)

Required time: ~45 minutes


Let’s start working…

Park your car, make sure the wheels are straight a head (aligned).

First and most important, disconnect the Battery!

Hold the cables after disconnecting the battery and touch them one with each other.

It is although recommended to wait 15 minutes before removing the airbag. (time for a coffee? Beer? )

Now, we can disassemble the steering wheel:


Using the 8mm socket and wrench remove the 2 bolts that are on the back side of the wheel (see pictures below):



Carefully, pull the horn and airbag out.

You have to disconnect the 3 wires the upper one is the horn, simply pull the connector out.

The others are the airbag wires and you have to carefully lift the yellow plastic holder in order to disconnect the wire’s connector.

(you should get new wires and yellow plastics with your new clock spring)




Airbag is out now, put it in a safe place and let’s continue working…


Disconnect the 3 connectors (black ones), You will need a small flat screwdriver in order to release the upper one.



Using a 21mm socket and wrench remove the steering wheel nut.



Locate the puller carefully and pull the steering wheel out. Do not try to pull it towards you with your hands, too many people broke their noses that way 🙂



Now, remove the steering column plastic cover, one Philips screw and small plastic clips.

Unscrew the bolt and pull the lower part down carefully:


Disconnect the clock spring – these connectors are on the back of it, on the lower end, look at the next 3 pictures:




Remove the 2 Philips bolts and pull the old clock spring out.


The new part:


Install everything in reverse order.

Make sure that the new clock spring is centered before installing it. It should come with a yellow plastic that holds it centered, remove that plastic after installing the steering wheel in place and before installing the airbag.

Good luck, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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