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How to replace Jeep Grand Cherokee 99-04 Engine Mounts

If you haven’t check your Jeep’s engine mounts lately, I suggest you’ll do that.

Checking them is an easy task to do, not like replacing them :), all you have to do is look under your Jeep and see wיether they are cranked or brokenץ

Bad engine mounts may cause vibrations, noises and a serious damage if fan hits the radiator.

Old engine mount VS a new one:

The required tools for replacing the mounts on a Grand Cherokee WJ:

  1. 15mm ring wrench
  2. 18mm socket and ring wrench
  3. 22mm open wrench (if you’ll have to remove the O2 sensor) – passenger side.
  4. Oil filter wrench – for the driver side
  5. Lift and a peace of 2″ wood to support the engine.
  6. Small hammer.


Most of the people say that if you want your mounts to survive, you should use genuine Mopar mounts. They cost much more, but seems to worth it as the work of replacing them is really not that fun…

Driver side: Mopar part number 52058937AC (Click the link to buy from eBay and support the site)

Passenger side: Mopar part number 52058936AC


How long does it take to replace the engine mounts? well, if everything goes smooth, you can expect to 1.5 hour per side.

Let’s start working…

Each mount is being held by 4 15mm bolts – all on the engine itself.

One 18mm bolt is passing through the mount and hold it to the chassis.

Support the engine – locate the 2″ wood under the oil pan and use the lift to support it/lift it to the correct height (probably the engine is lower than it should be if you have to replace the mounts…)

On each mount there are 2 lower bolts which are easy to access and 2 other which are not…

On the passenger side I found it easier to remove the upper bolt after I removed the O2 sensor which was on the wrench way.

On the driver side I had to remove the oil filter in order to gain access to one of the upper bolts.

These upper bolts (on both sides) are the time consumers on that job.

Replace one side at the time, DO NOT remove both of the mounts at the same time!

Once you removed one side, install the new mount, tighten the bolts and verify that you returned the oil filter/O2 sensor to their place.


Passenger side:

Bolts location are marked with arrows/circled.

Pay attention to the wires that go behind the mount.

Driver side mount:

Once again, wires go behind the mount, be sure to install them like that.

Good luck.

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