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How to replace Jeep Grand Cherokee sunroof drain hoses?

One of the common problems with the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ (1999-2004) is the wet floor after heavy rain.

If you have a sunroof, the immediate suspect  would be the sunroof drain hoses. They are going down from the sunroof to the floor and tend to break after few years.

Replacing the hoses pretty much straight forward, you have to gain access to them and then install a new silicon/rubber 12mm hose instead.

The required tools are:

  1. Philips screw driver
  2. T15 torx screwdriver
  3. 10mm socket/wrench
  4. ~4 meters of flexible rubber hose (diameter: ~12mm)

First thing to do is locate the drain holes in the sunroof rails, there are 2 holes in the front corners, here in the picture you can see the left one:


You can check if the problem is with these hoses by spelling water to the holes, if you see that the floor is getting wet, that is your problem.

In order to see the hoses, first, pull the plastic covers next to the front windshield, you will see part of the drain hose there:


You can see in the picture above that the hose is broken in one point.

So, How to replace the Jeep WJ sunroof drain hose?

  1. First, you have to lower the roof liner, do that by removing the sun visors (3 bolts each), the passenger handle, the overhead console (EVIC – see EVIC removing instructions here), and the sunroof/headliner rubber/gasket. You can see them all in the next pictures:





The rubber that has to be removed:


2. Remove the dashboard panels so you’ll have access to the original hose. Here you can see the driver side, the passenger side is similar, you will have to remove the gloves box (see here how).

In the following pictures you can see the bolts that have to be removed, you will have to remove the front floor plastic panel as well.


Remove the fuse box plastic and then remove the 3 10mm bolts (one of them is circled below):


Pull the plastic panel above the steering wheel carefully and remove the circled bolt, there is one more bolt like that in the right side of the steering wheel..


That is the lower end of the drain hose, pull it out with the rubber gasket.


3. Now to the hard part… you have to replace the hose itself. The hard part is inserting the hose between the dashboard and the Jeep frame/body.

Use some soap on the hose and then carefully insert it instead of the original one.

Once you done that, connect the upper and lower end of the hose and pull them back in place.

Notice that while connecting the upper end, the rubber hose that connects the original hose to the plastic might break too. The solution in that case would be a small (~6-8cm) 14mm hose that will be glued/sealed to your new hose and to the plastic drain on the other side.

Carefully return everything to its place and enjoy a dry winder/car wash 🙂

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