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How to replace the headliner – 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Dropped headliner is a common issue in our Jeeps, the old sponge above the fabric is getting old and dry and then it starts falling on the heads of the passengers and driver.
My XJ had the same issue for few months till I decided to fix it.
Here is how it looked before:


In order to do it, you should have few free hours and some basic tools:
1. Philips screwdriver

2. Flat screwdriver

3. Hard sponge to remove the old fabric/glue/sponge

4. Spray gun or other tool to spread the glue on the roof.

5. Torx screwdriver/bit to remove the rear seat belts (Sorry, I don’t remember the size of it).

6. Glue: should fit sponge/fabric and heat resistant. It should be spray.

7. New fabric.

How to remove the headliner?
1. Remove the sun visors (3 Philips screws) and their hangs (one screw for each)


2. Remove the central lamp, 2 screws and then slide it forwards till it comes out. do not remove it completely, just slide it above the roof.


3. Remove the plastic panels:
The ones above the driver/passenger sides have plastic/metal clips which hold them to their place, be careful while you are pulling them. I broke 2, Epoxy glue put them back in place later.
You will have to remove the passenger handle too (torex screwdriver)
4. Remove the passengers handles above the rear doors (torex screwdriver, again) and then remove the panels.
5. remove the speakers, first remove their plastic covers and then remove them (2 torex screws under the plastic cover)
6. remove the lamp by pulling it gently and slide it above the roof.
7. Remove the rear door panel and the side panels of it.
8. remove the safety belt bolts (rear ones)

Now you can pull the headliner out from the trunk door.
You will probably get something like that:


Grind the old sponge (The brown stuff in the picture above) till you’ll see the clean fiberglass, be careful, it is very thin and might be ruin easily.
Now, while it is clean, spray the glue on it and start stretching the new fabric on it – It would be better to do that job with one more person who holds the fabric while you stretch it.
When you are done, install it carefully.
Here is the final result of my work:


I think it would be a good time to repair the sun visors so they will fit in color to your new head liner:

  1. Pull and tear the old fabric from the sun visor.
  2. Cut the fabric in the correct size, make a hole for the mirror (hole should be smaller than the mirror).




3. Carefully pull the mirror out:



4. Locate the fabric in place and insert the mirror back to its place, then, insert the fabric into the space between the 2 parts of the sun visor.




Good luck, do not hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear…

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