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How to replace the rear window lift support shocks – Jeep Grand Cherokee

Is your rear window doesn’t stay up when you open it? If so, you have to replace the window lift support shocks.

Luckily, the job is easy and the parts are pretty cheap, so let’s do it…


Flat screw driver

Torx bit that fits the lower screw (see in the picture below).


2 rear window lift support shocks struts – replace them in pairs.

I bought these shocks on eBay, arrived pretty fast and fits with no issues.

Let’s start…

  1. Open the rear window, keep it up somehow (I used my second hand 🙂  )
  2. Using the flat screwdriver, split the upper “ball joint” cover – see the picture below:



3. Gently, pull the shock away from the window.

4. Now, Let’s remove the lower side. Using a torx bit and a wrench, remove the screw holding the lower end of the strut.



5. Install the new shock, first, the lower screw, then, gently, push the upper side against the window till you’ll hear the “click”.

6. Do the same with the other side.

Enjoy 🙂


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