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How to replace transmission oil and filter – Grand Cherokee WJ

Changing the transmission oil should be done every 50000 km or every 2 years.

I bought my WJ few months ago and I didn’t know when was the last oil change, so, I bought the filters kit, oil and went out to work on it…


8mm socket with a wrench

Oil filters wrench

T25 torx screwdriver

Flat screwdriver.

light hammer


Transmission’s oil filter kit

6-7 liters of ATF +4 fluid.

Let’s start…

Lift your WJ on jack stands if necessary.

Place a catching pan under the transmission to hold the old oil.

Release the 3 transmission’s oil pan bolts which are near the engine 3-4 turns and remove the rest of the bolts.

Carefully separate between the oil pan and the transmission’s body (you may need the flat screwdriver to do so).

Be careful, the oil will spill out of the pan…


When there is no more oil (or drops only), remove the 3 bolts that hold the oil pan.

Clean the oil pan, remove the old gasket and have a look at the magnet, make sure it doesn’t have metal chips on it (it might have a little metal “dust” on it, that is ok), clean it and put it back in place.


Now, you should see the filters in place.

The large filter should be removed by removing the bolt that holds it in place (circled in red) – use the T25 screwdriver.

The other filter should be remove using an oil filter removal tool


Remove the oil seal (circled in the picture below) using the flat screwdriver.

Install the new oil seal in place using a light hammer

IMPORTANT NOTICE: do not try to install the oil seal on the filter directly, you should install it in its place and only then install the new oil filter.


Install the new filters:

Tighten the cooler line filter (the round one 🙂 ) to 125 in/lbs

Tighten the large filter bolt to 40 in/lbs

Once the 2 filters are in place, you can install the oil pan:

Spread RTV on the oil pan lip, put the rubber gasket in place (if you got one…) and install the oil pan to the transmission body.

Tighten the bolts to 105 in/lbs.

Let the RTV dry for ~30 minutes and fill ATF +4 fluid as follows:

Lower the Jeep (if you raised it before 🙂  )

Remove the transmission oil dipstick (see in the picture below, circled):


Through that hole, fill 5 liters of ATF +4 (if you only replaced filters, if you replaced the torque too, you should fill 10 liters).

Check the oil level as describe in the article: how to check transmission fluid level.

Do Not over fill the transmission.





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