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Installing Pionner DEH-X4850BT in Grand Cherokee WJ (99-2000)

The factory head unit has great sound quality (for me, at least), but, it was getting old and doesn’t have USB/AUX input or Bluetooth, so I decided it is time to replace it.

My first thought was to replace it with a double din Android system (as I made in my Pajero), but, it appears that doing that in a Grand Cherokee WJ is much more work/expensive and requires some dash trimming which I preferred to avoid.

So, I decided to buy a 1 dim head unit with AUX/ BT and when I’ll need a navigation system I’ll install a 7″ tablet as a separated unit. One more benefit of that besides the easy installation is having a much better head unit for cheaper price – the 1 din systems are cheaper and in the case of Pioneer, the quality is much better that the unknown Chinese Android systems.

I bought a Metra wiring adapter 70-1817 so I won’t have to cut any wire and the wiring installation would be easy, here is how it looks after connecting it to the Pioneer wiring harness:


Using it is easy, all you have to do is connecting the wires according to their colors.

One exception: if your wj has a factory amplifier, and your new radio doesn’t have a dedicated wire for turning it on, you should connect the blue wire in your Metra adapter to the red wire so it will turn on when the radio does.

The black wire should be connected to the ground, there is a cable for that as well, it is connected to the factory unit body, you should connect them together.

You can see that black wire in the center of the picture below:


One more wire that should be ignored is the PCM BUS wire with its connector (a yellow with black stripe wire) you should leave that wire alone and not connect it to anything.

As you can see in the pictures, I bought a plastic adapter so the new unit will look as a part of the dash board.

You can find that adaper on ebay

Here is the final installation:


Important Edit:

I had a problem talking through the Bluetooth.

The other side heard me, the head unit showed “dialing” and “receiving” as well as counted the conversation time , but, no sound had been heard.

Finally, we found out that the problem is that we have the factory amplifier working on the rear speakers. Pioneer BT sends the conversation signal to the rear speakers as well and from some reason, the amplifier mutes it…

The only solution was to change the wiring so the unit’s rear speakers will be connected to the front speakers and the front will be connected to the rear ones.

Weird, but works….

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