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Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ front lower coil spring retainer

One of the common issues with WJ’s that go off road and disconnect the front sway bar is that the coil spring falls.

You can imagine that it is not that fun to find out that a major part of your Jeep’s suspension left and started a new trail of its own 🙂

It is not clear why Jeep’s engineers didn’t add that retainer (maybe they didn’t think that their new baby will climb rocks and cross deserts???) but, after market companies identified the problem and started to sell “after market spring retainers”.

Anyway, I decided to create the lower retainer by myself and I would be a happy to share here how I made it.

I used a steel stripe, thickness: 4mm, 25mm width and 6mm bolts.

The rest can be seen in the images below (pretty simple, actually)

One thing that worth mentioning is that on the right wheel side (passenger side) I used only one bolt since I didn’t want to drill the trackbar area.

I may change that in the future if I’ll need.

Of course I used loctite to secure the bolts.

  1. First picture: bend the stripe as follows:


2. Drill the holes


3. Left and right, side by side:


4. Locate the retainer in place and drill the holes in the spring mount – the best would be to use a self drilling screws.


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