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Survive That – Get out of the desert with a broken engine mount

We went out to the desert for 3 days, during the 3rd day, right after a nice flexing section (some rocks were on our way 🙂  ), one of the wranglers notified us that its engine stopped.

There were a lot of steam coming from its hood, we opened it carefully and saw that one of the heater hoses blow right above the distributor, the distributor got wet so the engine stopped.

We had a spare U hose which we used to bypass the heater and avoid using the blown hose. We filled the radiator with water (no coolant around) and started the engine.

We noticed that the fan is not moving which can explain the overheating and blown hose.

Looking again we saw that the fan is stuck by the lower part of the radiator shroud.

We checked the engine mount, we found out that the right one (passenger side) had been tore out of the engine and the 3 bolts that holds it are broken in the engine block.

Not a nice view in the desert, I must say… 🙂

Anyway, the driver of that wrangler decided to improvise a quick fix so he used belts and tied them between the chassis rails.

I must admit, it was a very cool improvisation and it got us out of the desert and back home for more than 100km of driving…

Here are 2 pictures that he took:



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