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Coleman Camp Oven Review

I was looking for a nice portable oven to make pizza while I’m out for camping. I know, it doesn’t make too much sense, why making a pizza out there while you have a nice pizza oven at home?

Well, to be honest, I don’t have a good answer, I only know that I planed building one based on a rocket stove. However,  I spent the last vacation in Las Vegas, somehow, I found myself at walmart and then I saw Coleman camp oven.

I already have the Coleman 2 burners dual fuel stove so for less than $35 I thought it worth trying.

So, I bought it…

The oven itself, is not too big, folded, its dimensions are: ~13″ x 12″ x 3″ and its weight is ~7.5 pounds (~3.5 kg).

Coleman recommend using a pan not bigger than 8″ X 8″ , I must admit I used 9×9 fire stones, but we will get to that.

First, here is how it looks folded:


Opening it and making it ready to work is pretty easy and takes less than a minute, there is really nothing to explain, it will be clear to anyone who will hold it.

When it is “built” and ready to use, light the stove, start with a low heat and raise it slowly. Locate the oven on above the right burner (the bigger one).

It will get to 350C but it will take up to 15-20 minutes.

I wanted to make a pizza in it, so I used fire stones (not included in Colman’s oven), I placed them on the oven floor.


It took ~ 2 minutes to bake a pizza, it came out really good.


Cleaning the oven it pretty simple, be careful of the sharp edges inside the oven.

You should remember to give it some time to cool before cleaning.

I put the stove on a plastic table and that what I got:


Next time, I should remember to put it on some stones/wood/iron table 🙂

Button line, I’m very happy with the results of that oven. for the price, you can hardly beat it.

If you wish to buy it on ebay, you may click that link: Coleman camp oven on eBay

If you prefer buying it from Amazon, well, here it is: Coleman camp oven on Amazon

Enjoy your baking 🙂

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